Debz 7 Easy Steps To Get you Started

  1.  Fill out the "Please Help Me Decide Form" This form will help me figure out my planning fees. My fees are not set since every trip is different, and the fees are based on the amount of work involved in the process. Help Me Decide
  2. I will then send the Planning Fee Invoice to your email. 
  3. Once the fee is paid, the planning begins. First, I will create up to five quotes for you to choose from. 
  4. You will need to fill out your Travelers Profile form. Each traveler will need to fill one out. Traveler's Profile Form
  5. Once you pick your itinerary, I will then create your reservations. Then, the final itinerary will be emailed to you before applying payments to ensure that all the information's correct.
  6.  After you send me a thumbs up, I will send out a Credit Card Authorization form for your vacation payments.
  7. Now, all you need to do is relax and wait until it's time to pack your bags. 

Remember, My job does not end here. I will be here for you until you return from your trip!

Travel Planning and Booking Fees

Debz Travel At-Ease Charges a Non-Refundable Planning Fees that starts at $30 -$100 per person depending on the complexity of your trip. 

This fee is due before any research is done. The fee covers all he necessary research, booking of your trip, and any support needed. 

Why work with Debz Travel?
  • Personalized Service
  • Personal Industry Connections
  • Booking/ Management ( Your very own personal travel assistant) 
  • On the go Trip App
  • Real-Time Support